The Way Never Lost Us

Posted: November 22, 2014 in Uncategorized
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sometimes we get a little lost. or at least we feel a little lost. maybe it was for the day. or week. or maybe a few months. some of us wander for years. for whatever reasons … we don’t understand the why of a traumatic life event. we are hurt by someone else. someone else hurts us. whatever the case. the days feel uneasy. the path looks overgrown. suffocating and depleted of life. it’s easy to lose our way. but the truth is that the way never lost us. all those minutes (hours or years) of uncertainty and wondering if the path would ever reappear. and then it does. and we wonder why we didn’t see it before. staring over our shoulder we see the twisted place we came from. looking ahead we see a clearing. and then we know, even if we don’t know how we know that we were never alone. we carry the light. the bread. the water. it was with us all along. a walking well. a lavish table. we thought we were separated from the source of goodness when the source never separated from us. there’s a mystery. a question of why? is there a way to fully know who we really are? at least as mere mortals? maybe. but the journey is what makes us unique. different from all the other animals. critically examining our paths. awakening to the light within and ahead. there’s beauty in the discovery. and peace in the beauty.


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