Reimagining Autism

Posted: September 3, 2014 in Uncategorized
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My twelve year old son, Andrew, loves watching clips on You Tube. In fact, if I do not monitor his time, he will obsessively watch clips all day long. Typically they revolve around Nintendo or Transformers, but lately he has expanded his interests. At times the obsession has been difficult to manage, and I chalked it up to his diagnosis of autism.

Last week the clip I found him watching was, How to Win Any Argument. Oh no, I thought, we’re up the creek! He already has his daddy and me wrapped around his little finger. We don’t stand a chance!!

Today I found him watching a clip by a motivational speaker about how to succeed in life. I smiled to myself and looked at my little boy while reflecting on the last few years. Diagnosed with albinism and low vision at two months and then autism at two years, my husband and I have had our hands full. Some days we have cried while others we have laughed until we cried, but we’ve never quit believing in him.

Since the beginning, we agreed never to let the diagnosis of autism nor albinism define our son. After seeing Andrew’s video selection this evening, I thought, what if he becomes a motivational speaker? It made me laugh! Not that he couldn’t do this, but the irony of my child, who for a few years only spoke in echolalia, could inspire and lead audiences. Hey, it happens! I love pondering ideas that kicks the negative perceptions of autism in the butt!! Maybe today is the day to begin to reimagine autism and all disabilities for that matter!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be starting a new series called “Reimagining Autism” and sharing inspirational quotes from my son along with my dreams for a world that makes space for everyone. 🙂







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